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Salvador Rivera, General Manager, Primus Coating Toluca, Mexico:

We bought a complete turnkey solution from PerformCoat early 2013. Overall it was an amazingly smooth process. Our guys received an excellent training, not only in running the equipment but also in PerformCoat’s efficient operating system.

Instead of developing our own system we decided to completely duplicate what we saw and learned in Battle Creek/MI. This included everything from the product portfolio, quality system, work instructions, maintenance to the logistics system, and fixturing. It was the right decision. Within one month we were able to provide competitive products with a competitive service to the automotive and aerospace industry in Mexico. Whenever we have questions or problems of any sort Christian and his team provide immediate support.


Markus Knecht, owner, PLASMA plus, Germany, one of the first customers of PerformCoat:plasmalogo

After thorough analysis of well-known and established PVD equipment suppliers I decided to go with PerformCoat for the following reasons:

  • Best control of coating thickness (+/- 0,2 µm)
  • plasmavanHigh flexibility
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Robust design
  • Very low running costs
  • Short cycle times of less than four hours

In the meantime we operate three coaters from PerformCoat six days per week, 24/7.

Our customers are excited with our products and the short turnaround time. The development of new coatings with PerformCoat is unbelievable. It is efficient, professional, and produces outstanding innovative products.


Mahesh Sukumaran, CEO, Titanium Coating Services, Anaheim, CA USA

I would like to thank PerformCoat and their team for providing exceptional services to Titanium Coating Services since 2017. The team’s personal commitment to helping us with training, installation, and services, continuously exceeds our expectations. Year after year, our team has learned to depend on the quality of PerformCoat’s products, flexibility, and easy to operate PVD equipment as well as the team’s dedication to Titanium Coating Services as a client.

PerformCoat became a trusted resource and partner from the moment we began our relationship in 2017. Christian Kunz and his team’s enthusiasm and dedication to providing Titanium Coating Services with timely and efficient services and solutions helped us strengthen the association with PerformCoat. The team makes themselves readily available and accessible, answering every question regardless of how big or small it is. They are true partners in the process with our interests always placed first.

The key factors for choosing to work with PerformCoat are:

  1. In depth understanding of products and the applications
  2. Ability to supply us with innovative solutions for specific applications
  3. High level of service provided
  4. Locally supported (maintenance, spare parts & process development)
  5. Low maintenance and running cost

We at Titanium Coating Services are very happy and satisfied to be PerformCoat’s client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.