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  • PerformCoat is founded by industry veterans in order to provide industry with innovative thin-film technologies. From the beginning, a modular machine concept is established to achieve utmost flexibility while maintaining a high degree of standardization. The first PVD machines are built and a comprehensive and competitive coating portfolio is developed.


  • PerformCoat MichiganPerformCoat North America is established as a showroom and support center for North America as well as a coating service supplier. Asian spare parts and support center starts in Taiwan. Several machines are installed in Asia and USA.
  • PfC 450 and PfC 400 DLC/RF are introduced in the market.
  • A competitive coating portfolio for cutting tools is developed.


  • PerformCoat PVD 300First machine is installed in Japan. HPfC Alu, a coating for machining of high and low Si containing aluminum alloys, is introduced at IMTS. Turnkey operations start up in the Philippines and Taiwan.
  • The compact PfC 300 machine for small operations is launched.
  • The PfC 600, the first PVD/PeCVD Hybrid, is introduced.
  • HPfC Hardmill coating for hard machining is introduced.


  • PerformCoat Dettingen GermanyEquipment assembly moves to a new building in Dettingen/Germany.
  • PfC St 300 is introduced at the EMO. Turnkey operations start in Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, and France. The 25th PeformCoat coating machine is installed.
  • The PfC 650, a larger machine, is introduced for mold and die applications.


  • PerformCoat EmployeesFirst PerformCoat coating equipment is delivered to Latin America. Technical collaboration for sputter technology with Georg Erkens/Surcoatec starts. HPfC Titan, a revolutionary new coating for the machining of aerospace materials, is launched at GrindTec.
  • PfC 400 Hybrid for coating of wear components is launched.


  • PerformCoat Korea is established. Turnkey operations start in USA and Korea. Revolutionary Duplex DLC treatment is launched.
  • The PfC 900, a large coater for high volume production and big dies, is introduced.
  • HPfC cast for machining of ductile cast iron is launched.


  • Two turnkey coating centers are installed in South Korea.
  • New product lines for peripheral equipment are launched: PerformBrush, PerformClean, PerformDrag, and PerformMblast.


  • PerformCoat is opening a new R&D and Application Development Center in Switzerland to accelerate innovation and to better serve European customers.


  • PerformCoat enters India strongly with the realization of several turnkey projects.
  • Broadening the technology development partnership with the OSG Corporation, Japan.
  • Multiple types of equipment are installed on the US west coast.
  • New machines for degassing (PerformHeat), decoating (PerformStrip), and grinding (PerformGrind) complement the lineup.


  • New fully equipped turnkey operation in Bursa, Turkey opened.
  • New R&D system with sputter, arc, and DLC capabilities placed in the development center.
  • Competitive treatment for gear cutting tools introduced in the market.
  • New innovative equipment platform, PfC 540, introduced.


  • Ten year anniversary of PerformCoat, over 75 coating machines installed.
  • New coating facility opened in Arizona by our joint venture partner, Titanium Coating Services AZ, LLC.
  • Ten new PfC 540 coating machines installed in our coating centers worldwide, vastly expanding coating capacity.


  • New service and manufacturing center, Primus Vietnam LLC, opened.
  • HP Dura, our new AlCrN based coatings launched for gear cutting and forming tools.
  • Primus Coating Oregon, LLC begins high end deco coatings and moves into a new facility.


  • Primus Canada inaugurated.
  • Two more coating centers in Japan equipped with PfC coating technology.
  • PerformClean 450XL for difficult to clean part (e.g. 60xD drills with coolant holes) launched.


  • Coating Center inaugurated in Chennai, India
  • New brushing machine PfB-SB introduced
  • 25th PfC540 installed